Our company celebrates our centennial anniversary.

Our company founded in Kyoto in 1919, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Again, I thank you for your warm support and heartfelt thanks. In case

As a comprehensive producer of water around our company from the sale of tiles, construction work, we change the times

While coping with the management philosophy of "contributing to building culture as a unique company"

We have responded to the needs and contributed to society.


With the 100th anniversary of our founding, I would like to appreciate the great patronage and support for our company

Together, aiming for the next 100 years, we position it as the year of a new start, "The timeless challenge" - Continue to challenge without being caught in the past and aim for a company to make a leap! As a slogan, I have developed a long tradition as a specialized trading company to brand the brand, create a rich lifestyle

We will contribute to society.