We are Japan's leading distributor of imported tiles.

HIRATA TILE launched its own original tile brand in 1989. Since then, we have expanded to three original tile brands. We select the best suited tiles for houses or commercial property respectively from all over the world including Italy, Netherland, Spain and the United States.
Our best team, with the highest knowledge of the Japanese market, sells these specially selected tiles in Japan.

"High Ceramics" is a tile collection incorporating European interior trends including Italy. Ceramic tiles of various colors and unique designs produced by the latest technology are available. Possibility of expression is almost infinite. It realizes quality refined space creation.

Porcelain floor tile

Porcelain wall tile

Mosaic tile

Glass style

"Biscuits" is a tile collection with products handed down from ancient times, with products selected from carefully selected materials and finished products made from a variety of products from around the world. Each tile created carefully by Artisan has its own personality, and has its own universal value that itself resonates with the emotion.

"Aquapia" combines color, design and functionality

It is a collection of sanitary wear / lighting equipment.

A design that lives together with functionality and beauty is full of fun to use,

It beautifully colors everyone's water. You are the only one elsewhere

Please design the attentive bathroom in Aquapia.

This department deals with washbasin, water accessories, cabinets, faucets.